The Shaming of the Breasts

They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are au natural others have been improved upon but every woman has them. The librarian at your child’s school has two of them! Your grandmother has two of them! And when your daughter gets to be the right age, she’ll get them too. So, if they’re so common, so plentiful, why do we spend so much energy shaming the breasts?

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Vanessa Williams: Hiding My Childhood Molestation Affected My Adult Life

Even though I know it can happen to anyone, I’m always amazed when a celebrity comes forward with a story of sexual abuse. So many of us hide the things that have happened to us so let’s take a moment to appreciate the strength and will it must’ve taken for the lovely and talented Vanessa Williams to open up about her experience.

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Marriage: Friend or Foe?


Here’s a bit of my personal truth. I don’t want to get married. I never have. I didn’t daydream about what it would be like as a little girl. I didn’t plot and plan to acquire that elusive diamond ring as a young adult. I was busy thinking about other things. I still am but every so often I’ll turn on the news to some politician saying stupid things or I’ll have a conversation with a friend that gets me thinking. Marriage. Is it a friend or foe to modern-day women?

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Farewell to Maya Angelou


The prolific writer Maya Angelou passed away this week at the age of eighty-six. If you’ve had the privilege of reading any of her novels or poems then you know that she had a courageously open spirit. It’s rare to find individuals who share their lives, mistakes and all, without a hint of vanity. Below you’ll find my personal recollections of Maya Angelou.

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