Trump’s Biggest Foe

Trump’s Biggest Foe

I don’t know how many presidents have been hit with talk of impeachment 30 days into their first term. I’d venture a guess that Donald Trump is making history here. And contrary to what he’d like to believe the problem isn’t the liberal media. It’s him.

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Fear the Fool: Trump’s First 30 Days


As most of you may suspect, I’m no conservative. As most of you may surmise, I did not vote for the current president. BUT I pride myself on being an open-minded person. So, after Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016, I hoped he would disprove our worst fears.

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Why is it whenever Republican commentators are questioned about the foolishness that their party engages in they respond with…”Democrats do it too.” I’m sorry, does that make you more or less right? Do you get a pass simply because you think you’re not the only one to act foolish? Hey! Foolish is foolish regardless of who’s doing it. And yes, sweetheart that applies to you!

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Dear Republicans, I Want My Government Back!

Dear House and Senate Republicans,

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Well, what world are you from?  No, really. Where? Can I get there by boat? Is it expensive? Is it a secret celestial being orbiting the Earth? And why in the world won’t you go back there?

I know. I know. You’re not from some other world. You’re from here. The grand ole US of A. Our very own homegrown idiots.

I’m generally not this … disagreeable but I’ve just about had it. Seriously. I expect better behavior, better decisions from five year olds! Not that you would care considering no part of me is part of your core demographic. I happen to be black, highly educated, and a single mother so you don’t give a damn about what I think but I’m gonna tell you anyway.

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