Boy or Girl? The Toy Dilemma.

It pisses me off that toys are separated into “boys” and “girls.” Not all toys, I suppose. Puzzles usually have “boy” or “girl” themes but the puzzle itself isn’t considered to be “boy” or “girl.” But if anyone is at all unsure if gender is indeed a social construct, visit the toy department of any store or drive through McDonald’s and order a happy meal. The latter galls me so much that I’m liable to go off on the next McDonald’s employee that asks me if I want the “boy” or “girl” toy. And for me, going off looks more like the socratic method than an episode of Jerry Springer.

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Hijab: Ally or Enemy of Women

My cousin shared this clip from The Daily Show on Facebook and it got me thinking.


Does the Muslim practice of wearing a hijab oppress women? 

The woman in the clip argued that drawing a connection between the garment and oppression was in itself offensive. Her argument is based on three assumptions. One, the hijab neutralizes sex appeal. Two, sex appeal is a reliable determinant of female empowerment. Three, we can objectively separate the garment from the custom.My initial reaction to the video was that she made an interesting point. But something didn’t sit right.

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The Shaming of the Breasts

They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are au natural others have been improved upon but every woman has them. The librarian at your child’s school has two of them! Your grandmother has two of them! And when your daughter gets to be the right age, she’ll get them too. So, if they’re so common, so plentiful, why do we spend so much energy shaming the breasts?

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