TJ Patterson is about to get a lesson he’ll never forget.

So far, TJ has lived an uneventful life but that is about to change. While walking home from school, TJ and his friends stumble into a murder scene. The victim is an everyday working man trying to do the right thing. The perpetrator? A member of Chicago’s most notorious gang.

What happens next will define the rest of TJ’s life.

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This award-winning book is a fan favorite and the start to a riveting family saga.

At 17 years old, Belinda suddenly finds herself orphaned and alone. When Ricky Morrow proposes marriage she agrees. And in record time Belinda becomes a housewife and mother. A mistake not easily rectified, because Ricky would rather see her dead than let her leave.

This is the story of a girl who grows into a woman before your very eyes. It is literary fiction that packs a punch and plenty of surprises–not the typical domestic abuse storyline.

This true to life story walks a careful line between fiction and reality. With characters as real as you and me, it will break and mend your heart a hundred times because it has just the right amount of honesty and love.

If you’re ready for a story so moving it will stay with you long after you put it down, then add this book to your cart today! Once you start reading, you won’t want to put it down.

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All evidence of Ricky Morrow gone…

Belinda is happily remarried and her girls have finally been returned to her care. But the family isn’t whole—not yet. Wounds from the abuse and separation are still fresh. Further complicating the issue is time’s refusal to stand still.

Belinda, now the mother of six daughters, has three willful teenagers. As Nikki, Mya, and Jackie test boundaries, experimenting with love, sex, and drugs, Belinda tries everything she can think of to rein them in before they go too far. But Morrow blood runs thick and the tighter she pulls the reins, the more her girls rebel. Until she loses her grip completely and secrecy, addiction, and wounds from the past send the Morrow girls hurling down treacherous paths.

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