Trump’s Biggest Foe

Trump’s Biggest Foe

I don’t know how many presidents have been hit with talk of impeachment 30 days into their first term. I’d venture a guess that Donald Trump is making history here. And contrary to what he’d like to believe the problem isn’t the liberal media. It’s him.

He might not like the direction a story takes, but the media only reports on what he says and does. During the campaign he couldn’t stay on message. He showed little respect for the facts (or definitions—i.e tricky words like sacrifice). And flew off the handle at the drop of a hat. Is there any wonder that his term in office has been marred by similar hiccups?

Here’s a colorful little analogy that came to mind:

While on a hike alone, Trump shoots himself in the foot. He tries to treat the wound but doesn’t know what he’s doing. After limping a mile to the nearest doctor, the doc tells him it’s infected and the foot must be severed. He blames the doctor.

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