Disney finally got it right with Frozen.

Friday is generally my mommy day. From morning until night I’m 100% focused on my daughter. No writing. No checking my email. Nothing but momminess. So, this past Friday we watched Frozen. Well, actually I watched Frozen. She can only sit still for 30 minutes tops.

Some of you may know that I generally harbor nothing but disdain and frustration for Disney and their portrayals of “princesses.” There is the color/ethnic thing but also I’m sick and tired of stories that romanticize women who can’t take care of themselves. Brave was a breath of fresh air (but then they had to go and give Merida a makeover) so I didn’t have high expectations for Frozen.

Much to my surprise, Frozen was much better than I expected. Well, technically it came close to being as I expected but it missed the boat at the last minute. The “Prince Charming” turned out to be a conniving phony that preyed on our princess’s desire to finally feel loved. And the major shock came at the end when…wait for it…the princess saved herself! To put icing on that cake the princess danced off into the land of happily ever after with her sister.

Good job Disney!

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