The Shaming of the Breasts

They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are au natural others have been improved upon but every woman has them. The librarian at your child’s school has two of them! Your grandmother has two of them! And when your daughter gets to be the right age, she’ll get them too. So, if they’re so common, so plentiful, why do we spend so much energy shaming the breasts?

In some parts of the world women are draped in yards of cloth, covering their arms, legs, and even noses to shield their bodies from the view of men but don’t get it twisted. Don’t buy into the hype that the western world is yards above this archaic practice. Sure, we don’t believe in female circumcision and we don’t stone women to death. Still, we shame them just the same.

And by we. I mean women. We shame ourselves. We shame each other. We teach our daughters, nieces, and granddaughters to hide their bodies under shrouds of appropriateness. We teach them that these displays of humility will protect them from unwanted advances and even rape.


  1. Wear a brassiere everywhere you go. Not one of those push-up kinds.
  2. Wear clothing that doesn’t draw attention to you.
  3. If you choose to breastfeed, never do it in public.
  4. If you are married follow these rules closely or else invite others to question your commitment to your husband.
  5. If you are single follow these rules closely or else invite others to assume you are advertising for casual rendezvous (possibly with their man).

The next time you see someone shaming the breasts step in. Save them from unwarranted ridicule. Tell them they are as much apart of this world as the sun and the trees. Their supple curves give life and make love worth making. Remind the woman carrying them that she need not be afraid of the blessings that they bring for she is everything that they are—a miraculous and lovely creation—sensual, comforting, and nurturing. Woman.


If you are not yet a woman but have the features of a woman this is for you.

Whether you developed suddenly or painstakingly, the adults around you will likely freak out because they can’t believe time has passed so quickly. They still think of you as a child which you clearly are not. Until they wrap their heads around your budding sexuality you must take everything they say in regard to this with a grain of salt. 

You must find and own your truth. You will make mistakes but this is unavoidable and a necessary part of self-discovery. Let the voice inside you be your guide. Do what makes you happy. Wear what makes you feel powerful because men (and boys) will challenge your worth whether you are covered up or not.


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