Rape Culture Is When…

Culture can be described as the values, knowledge, and behavior that a group of people generally have in common. Rape culture is therefore the values, knowledge, and behavior shared by rapists and rape facilitators.

Rape culture is as disgusting a phenomenon as I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that makes me want to find refuge on a secluded island away from all the disgusting idiots that make me consider becoming a homicidal maniac. So, please believe me when I tell you that I’m seething as I write this post.

I’m only willing to venture into this cesspool because I might be able to clear a path through it and make it easier for someone who’s on the verge of fully understanding this.

Rape culture is when:

  1. The victim musters up the courage to report her rape to authorities and they talk her out of pressing charges.
  2. Politicians deny funding for the Violence Against Women Act for political or religious reasons. I’m sorry what exactly is Jesus’ stance on violence again? I keep forgetting. Was he for…or against?
  3. He says he’s attractive enough that he doesn’t have to rape girls.
  4. Rape kits sit untested in their designated facilities for years, decades even.
  5. There are minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses but not for rape.
  6. There is no statute of limitations on murder but there is for rape.
  7. People make jokes about date rape.
  8. People laugh at jokes about date rape.
  9. People make jokes about roofies.
  10. People laugh at jokes about roofies. If you’ve seen episode 1514 of Law & Order: SVU, let me hear you say AMEN!
  11. Bystanders say, “She’s asking for it.”
  12. We tell our girls to cover up so boys don’t get the wrong idea. How about teaching them to love and embrace their sexuality instead of instill fear and shame? How about expecting boys and men to respect women and girls regardless of what they wear, how much they drink, or any other insane requirement.
  13. We only tell our girls to say no and don’t empower them to know when to say yes.
  14. We equate patriarchy with romance.
  15. We idolize womanizers.
  16. The victim’s motives are up for debate but no one mentions her attacker’s.
  17. The image of a man surrounded by beautiful and supposedly very willing (yet ironically silent women) is the quintessential sign of manhood.
  18. He thinks consent can’t be revoked.
  19. Non-consent needs to be verified.
  20. Rape is characterized as being about anything other than a brutal display of power.

Is rape culture to blame for sexual assaults?

Not absolutely but indirectly yes. I’ll explain. Individuals who chose to treat others with violence and brutality for fun or sport are first and foremost to blame for their actions. Rape is always the rapist’s choice. BUT, the individuals and societal institutions that encourage or justify rape, contribute to the rapist’s mindset and ultimately allow rapists to get away with it. Allow them to be free to do it again to someone else’s mother, sister, or daughter.

Leave a comment below and tell me when you think rape culture rears its ugly head and what we should do to stop it.
Click here to see the video that inspired this post.


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